Who is Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley from Wheeler Dealers? Explained

Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley has quickly become a fan-favourite on Wheeler Dealers, and it’s clear to see why. 

Not only is he an accomplished broadcaster and mechanic, but his easy-going personality and passion for the automotive industry make him a great fit for the show.

But who actually is Marc Priestley? Why do people call him Elvis? And how did he get the call up for Wheeler Dealers in 2020?

We’ll answer all of those questions and more in today’s article. Strap in!

How did Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley get into cars?

Marc Priestley was born on the 6th of October, 1976 in the London Borough of Bromley. His interest in cars began after attending the West Kent College to study a Motor Vehicle Technology course.

Marc’s journey into the world of motorsport began with him working as an apprentice race mechanic for small racing teams in the UK. From there he quickly progressed to Lanan Racing’s Formula Ford project and eventually ended up in the British Formula 3 as a lead mechanic.

In 2000, Priestley was hired by the McLaren Formula 1 team as a test mechanic – and the rest is history. Marc rocketed through the ranks at McLaren, working closely with F1 world champions like Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen and Jenson Button, to name a few.

Why is Marc Priestley called Elvis?

Marc’s ‘Elvis’ nickname can be traced back to his school days. According to Marc, other students thought that his surname ‘Priestley’ sounded like ‘Presley’ – as in, Elvis Presley, the rock ‘n’ roll icon.

According to Mike Brewer, the link between Marc Priestley and his ‘Elvis’ nickname is a tenuous one.

In a Car Throttle podcast episode, Brewer claims that the nickname comes from Marc’s school days, where other kids thought the last name ‘Priestley’ was similar to ‘Presley’. As a result, the nickname ‘Elvis’ was born.

Mike insists that everyone calls Marc ‘Elvis’ – even his wife and mother!

Who is Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley’s wife?

Elvis is married to Clare Priestley. They have been married since 2013. Clare is an expert in upholstery, interior design and antiques. Elvis and Clare share four children together.

According to Clare’s Instagram, both she and Elvis have been renovating houses together for four years. Even when Elvis is outside of the Wheeler Dealers workshop, he still enjoys getting his hands dirty!

And who knows – if Elvis was ever to leave Wheeler Dealers (hopefully not), he could focus on house renovations with Clare.

How did Marc join Wheeler Dealers?

Marc joined Wheeler Dealers as a replacement for Ant Anstead. Before joining Mike on the main Wheeler Dealers show, Marc co-hosted Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car as the series’ mechanic.

In 2020, Mike and the production team announced that Wheeler Dealers would return to the UK. The decision to relocate was made for a mixture of personal and professional reasons.

At this time, Ant Anstead chose to stay in the US and leave the show. This left a mechanic-shaped hole in the Wheeler Dealers format. Fans of the show enjoy seeing in-depth fixes and learning more about the inner workings of unique vehicles.

Arguably, the mechanics are what makes Wheeler Dealers such a well-received show amongst car enthusiasts.

Mike had to find a replacement mechanic who matched Ant’s enthusiasm and expertise. He also had to find someone who was experienced in television. After his impressive performance in Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car, Elvis was the top choice.

Which Formula 1 team did Elvis work for?

Elvis joined McLaren’s F1 team in 2000. Initially hired as a test mechanic, Elvis worked his way up to become the lead mechanic on the team. After winning the world championship with Lewis Hamilton in 2008, Elvis left McLaren Racing in 2009.

Elvis was a key member of McLaren Racing’s Formula 1 pit crew. McLaren are renowned for their attention to detail, and Elvis was tasked with making sure no stones were left unturned.

But why did Elvis choose to leave the sport that he enjoyed so much success in?

Why did Elvis leave Formula 1?

Elvis left his Lead Mechanic position at McLaren Racing in 2009 to pursue his career in motorsport journalism. Since leaving F1, Elvis has become an acclaimed motorsport journalist, television presenter and author.

His accomplishments in motorsport media include: hosting Discovery’s Driving Wild, co-hosting The F1 Report on Sky Sports, pitlane reporting on BBC Radio 5 Live and writing articles for several automotive magazines.

Elvis even offers his services as a motivational speaker for corporate events and exhibitions.

When Mike and the Wheeler Dealers team approached Marc to join the show in 2020, he jumped at the opportunity. His joint experience in both mechanical engineering and broadcasting made him the perfect candidate for the job.

Will Elvis stay on Wheeler Dealers?

Yes. Elvis has joined Wheeler Dealers as a permanent presenter. This means that he will be the main mechanic on the show for the foreseeable future.

Both Mike and Elvis are now based in the UK. Their family life and work commitments are also based in the UK. Unless the show is relocated or cancelled, there should be no reason for Elvis or Mike to leave the show.

Series 17 of Wheeler Dealers finished airing in November of 2021, and series 18 is almost certainly on the way.

With Wheeler Dealers being the most-watched automotive TV show in the world, there are no signs of it slowing down!

Final thoughts

Whatever you call him – Marc or Elvis – he has graced our television screens with automotive know-how and charisma.

Whatever you think of Wheeler Dealers since Edd left the show, series 17 has been a wild ride for car enthusiasts.

What do you think of Elvis in his first season of Wheeler Dealers? Let us know!

12 thoughts on “Who is Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley from Wheeler Dealers? Explained”

  1. With all he has done in his short life is very remarkable I think he is fantastic for the show and hope he stays for many seasons to come

  2. Elivis and Mike work great together , it’s great watching a true craftsman at work I think Marc could fix ,repair anything with an engine or dodgy body work and Mike could sell sand back to the Saudie Royal Family they make a great team a pleasure to watch , looking forward to series 18

  3. The chemistry between Mike and Elvis is British, “Mint”! I’m 86 years old and
    find their excitement for each project sheer camaraderie. My answer to, “are you not entertained?”, emphatically, yes!

    • I’m loving Mark on Wheeler Dealers. He has a lovely friendly personality. My hubby watches the programme for the cars and I watch it to see Mark lol! He is rather dishy! x

  4. Marc as a 82 year old non technical useless person the pleasure I get watching your skills and that of Mike fills me with total admiration. Keep up the good work of entertaining us all.

  5. Marc it s a outstanding mechanic-engineer and has a very easy going personality. Goes very well along Mike Brewer demands.

  6. Marc is entertaining and brilliant for the show along with 50 years in the trade Mike the brewer, love watching it, let’s hope it carries on for many years to come.

  7. I set my for to record all new episodes of Wheeler Dealer.It is one of my favorite shows ever.I hope Mike and Elvis continue for many more years!!

  8. Elvis has reinvigorated Wheeler Dealers. We are watching again. He can do everything, welding, spraying, make body panels etc, great mechanic, always positive.


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