4 Reasons Why Wheeler Dealers Returned to the UK

Wheeler Dealers is a world-renowned car show that started in the UK in 2003. The cars were purchased by Mike Brewer, with Edd China fixing them up.

At the end of each episode, Mike would attempt to sell the cars for a sizeable profit.

In 2015, Wheeler Dealers moved to the USA. The format stayed the same but took place solely in California.

The show moved to America because of the greater selection of cars, better weather to work in and more people to sell the cars to.

When Edd China left the show in 2017, Ant Anstead was chosen to replace him in California.

In 2021, Wheeler Dealers announced its long-anticipated return to the UK. Ant Anstead left the show on good terms and Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley was chosen to replace him. 

There are a few different reasons behind the show’s decision to move back to the UK – and today, we’ll run through those reasons. Let’s dive in.

1. The audience wanted it

One reason why Wheeler Dealers moved back to the UK was because of audience feedback.

Ever since the show moved to California in 2015, some fans have been unhappy with the new location and direction of the show.

Mike and the Wheeler Dealers team ventured out to the US for better cars and better shooting conditions.

But for the fans, the UK is the home of Wheeler Dealers. It’s where it all began back in 2003. Above all, it’s nostalgic.

On an episode of the Car Throttle Podcast, Mike joked that the fans ‘annoyed’ him into bringing the show back to the UK.

After a quick giggle, he clarifies that the fans just genuinely wanted the show back on home soil:

Without the fans, Wheeler Dealers wouldn’t exist.

The showrunners understand this, and it’s likely that fan feedback had a huge influence on the decision to move production back to the UK.

2. Personal reasons

While business commitments and fan feedback are important to the show, personal reasons are far more important.

Sometimes we forget that there are real people with real emotions working hard on these shows for our entertainment.

Mike has explained that personal issues with his mother’s health were a key factor in moving Wheeler Dealers back to the UK. 

When the show was based in the US, Mike and his family relocated there to make filming easier.

With the show returning to the UK, Mike can be closer to his mother and his family to provide his support and care.

3. Business reasons

Mike has a number of business interests in the UK that require his constant attention.

As a result of this, he decided it would be better to return to his roots and focus on his professional life.

Mike Brewer Motors is Mike’s used car dealership based in Sheffield, England.

His knowledge of vehicles and his passion for the car deal has made his dealership very successful, with great customer reviews and hundreds of vehicles flying off the lot every month.

Mike also regularly participates in interviews, podcasts, videos and automotive events in the UK.

He also hosts the Used Car Awards, which celebrates the best used cars and used car dealers in the country.

Mike is an exceptionally busy guy, yet his enthusiasm for cars remains infectious.

There’s no wonder why he is constantly asked to host events and make guest appearances on podcasts and interviews.

4. It’s the spiritual home of Wheeler Dealers

Any long-term Wheeler Dealers fan knows that the UK is the spiritual home of the show.

You only have to rewatch the first series to get a glimpse of that homegrown magic that went on to make the show so successful around the globe.

Wheeler Dealers has all of the hallmarks of a classic British television programme.

From Mike’s cocky demeanour to Edd’s humble professionalism, there’s no denying that those early episodes were dripping in Britishness. 

It’s easy to understand why the show performed so well in the UK. It was the first of its kind. A show that connected all types of car enthusiasts.

Also, the format was simple and very easy to understand: buy a car, fix it up, sell it for profit and repeat. You didn’t have to be an expert to understand it, either.

Many of us learned everything we know about cars from Edd China!

Whatever the world throws at Wheeler Dealers, it knows it has a warm and welcoming home in the UK.

Final thoughts

And there we have it. Fans of the show were overwhelmed with excitement when Mike Brewer confirmed that it would be returning to the UK for series 17.

And for good reason, too – the series has been very well received.

For the foreseeable future, Wheeler Dealers is back where it belongs – and they all lived happily ever after.

Do you think Wheeler Dealers is back in the UK for good? Let us know below!

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  1. Love the show and really liked as the mechanic and of course Mike
    Makes the show . I’ll follow the wherever it goes . I’m a Southern
    California car guy .

  2. I’m glad they’re back in Europe first and foremost with European cars.

    Robbert from the Netherlands


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