Can I buy a car from Wheeler Dealers? Explained

Wheeler Dealers is a popular television series based in the UK.

The format is simple yet effective: Mike Brewer and Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley buy used cars and fix them up with the goal of selling them for a profit.

The show has been on-air since 2003 and is still going strong. Season 17 is currently airing on Discovery Channel.

If you’re a fan of the show (like us), you probably can’t help but wonder – do the cars actually get sold to real car enthusiasts? Or are paid actors sent to purchase the cars instead?

In this article, we’ll reveal the truth behind the Wheeler Dealers car sales process.

We’ll also reveal how you might be able to get your hands on a Wheeler Dealers car, if you’re lucky…

How do you buy a car from Wheeler Dealers?

Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing for certain if the Wheeler Dealers crew have a car up for sale. You just have to be searching for the right car at the right time.

In June of 2020, Mike Brewer made a guest appearance on the Car Throttle podcast. In the episode, Mike explains the Wheeler Dealers car sales process.

He reassures viewers that he personally writes the sale adverts, takes the photos and lists the cars online for people to buy:

It’s unclear whether Mike’s sales adverts explicitly state that the car is being sold for Wheeler Dealers.

In the past, this resulted in a number of timewasters turning up with no actual intention of purchasing the car. They only wanted to chat with Mike and Edd!

So, keep a keen eye on all of the popular online marketplaces when you’re looking for a new motor. You never know – the next car you see for sale could be a Wheeler Dealers car!

Do they actually sell the cars on Wheeler Dealers?

According to Mr Brewer himself, the Wheeler Dealers crew have legitimately sold over 250 cars to date.

In the same Car Throttle podcast episode, a viewer asks Mike if any of the potential car buyers were ever paid actors.

Mike is quick to debunk this theory, dubbing it a ‘conspiracy’.

He claims that nobody has ever been paid to view a car from Wheeler Dealers, and that all of the car sales were completely legitimate:

According to Mike, Ofcom (the UK’s communications regulator) stipulates that all car deals shown on TV must be genuine sales.

If Wheeler Dealers were to sell a car to a paid actor, this would go against Ofcom’s rules. If the show was to repeatedly break Ofcom’s rules, it could be fined or even taken off the air entirely.

It might be hard work for the team, but it’s worthwhile to know that each car sale goes to a genuine car enthusiast.

Previous buyers of Wheeler Dealers cars have even been known to meet up on a regular basis and discuss their unique vehicles!

Does Mike Brewer have a car dealership?

Mike’s passion and experience in buying and selling cars was a characteristic passed down from his father, Roger.

Roger was a car fanatic who specialised in vehicle customisation and hot rods.

Despite his busy shooting schedule for Wheeler Dealers, Mike wanted to return to his motor trade roots.

In 2012, he set up Mike Brewer Motors. He now owns two dealerships in Sheffield and Luton, where quality used cars are traded under his name.

So if you’re looking to purchase a car under the trusty Mike Brewer name, consider visiting one of his dealerships.

We know, it’s not the same as a Wheeler Dealers car – but it’s close enough, right?


Ever since I started watching Wheeler Dealers as a kid, I always wondered how I could purchase a car from Mike and Edd and get my 15 minutes of fame.

Now I realise that the process of buying a Wheeler Dealers car is not as easy as I thought it would be. 

The cars are not listed on the Wheeler Dealers website or promoted via Mike’s social media.

They’re hidden amongst a sea of regular adverts on marketplaces like eBay, Car and Classic and Gumtree.

To buy a Wheeler Dealers car, you really have to earn it. You have to be looking for the right car at the right time.

You need a bit of luck and some unwavering determination. This way, the show can make sure that you’re genuinely interested in the car and minimise their losses.

Which Wheeler Dealers car do you wish you could have purchased? Let us know below!

8 thoughts on “Can I buy a car from Wheeler Dealers? Explained”

  1. My favourite car is the Austin Healey 3000. As a young man with a mortgage and family I could not afford the then £1759. 00 it would have cost in the 70s. Now I can and would love to have a Wheeler Dealer car knowing its 100% spot on .

  2. The only car on which I ever made a profit. a 1953 MG TD2. Bought it in Singapore in 1965 for £100, ran it for three years and sold it in 68 for £200.
    I had put a new rag top and tonneau ccver on it but it still felt like a profit.
    It was primrose yellow with black mudguards and running boards and a black hood. I wish I had brought it back to UK

  3. Porsche Carrera 996 beautifully outfitted with leather console, IMS, wheel bearing and back to OE air intake!!! Gorgeous!!! Wish I was the buyer!

  4. It seems like a vehicle from Wheeler Dealers is always likely to be a massive bargain as the high number of man-hours put in never really end up in the sale price.

  5. I just saw the episode on the SWB Mitsubishi Shogun. I would absolutely love to own it. Super cool and tough as old boots


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