Where Are Mazda Cars Made?

The Mazda Motor Corporation is a huge player in the Japanese automotive industry. 

But Mazda’s popularity is not just limited to Japan. As of March 2022, cars sold outside of Japan were responsible for over 81% of Mazda Motor Corporation’s net sales.

So where are Mazda’s production plants located? And why? Let’s take a deep dive into the logistics of one of Japan’s most beloved car brands.

Where Mazda cars are made

Mazda manufactures its cars in Japan, the United States, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Russia, China and Mexico. The Mazda Motor Corporation is headquartered in Hiroshima, Japan.

Mazda’s motoring heritage began in Japan in 1929. Since then, the brand has skyrocketed in popularity.

Global demand for Mazda’s cars meant that additional production plants and manufacturing facilities were required. Mazda’s first international plant was built in Colombia in 1983.

Its most recent plant was opened in 2021 in Alabama, USA. This plant is a joint venture between Mazda and Toyota, another popular Japanese automotive manufacturer.

Mazda is now a global brand recognized for its build quality, reliability and low-cost ethos. Many of Mazda’s vehicles command a loyal global following, like the much-beloved MX-5 Miata.

Which Mazda cars are made in America?

Currently, only the Mazda CX-50 is produced in America. It officially began production in January of 2022 in the Mazda Toyota Manufacturing plant in Huntsville, Alabama.

Did you know? Mazda built a manufacturing facility in Flat Rock, Michigan which was operational from 1987 to 2012. The cars originally made here were the Mazda MX-6, the Mazda 626 and the Mazda 6. In 2012, the Ford Motor Company took over full ownership of the plant and Mazda ceased production there.

After the closure of the Michigan plant, Mazda’s future of manufacturing on US soil was uncertain.

However, news broke in 2018 of plans to build a plant in Alabama in association with Toyota.

We’re pleased to say that Mazda manufacturing is now officially back in America!

How to tell where your Mazda was made

The most accurate way of identifying where your Mazda vehicle was made is to check the first two or three letters of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Use our table below to identify where your model was manufactured.

The first three digits of a VIN number are known as a World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI). For most production vehicles, this allows you to trace the car back to its country of origin.

You can find your VIN number on the title or registration documents for your car. It can also be found on the cowl panel, or on a metal plate in the inner driver’s door sill. 

WIM NumberCountry of Origin
JMHiroshima/Yamaguchi, Japan
JCHiroshima/Yamaguchi, Japan
1YMichigan, United States
PP1Kulim, Malaysia
7MAlabama, United States
PP1Kulim, Malaysia
LVRNanjing, China
MM6Rayong, Thailand
3MSalamanca, Mexico


Are all Mazda vehicles made in Japan?

Although the majority of Mazda’s vehicles (including the MX-5 Miata) are built in Japan, not all models are. Mazda owns and operates a number of production facilities across the globe.

Are any Mazda vehicles made in China?

Yes. Mazda’s China plant is located in Nanjing and has been operational since 2013. It only produces vehicles for the China market. Models assembled at this plant include the Mazda 3 and the CX-5.

Is Mazda owned by Ford?

Not anymore. The Mazda brand and all of its operations are 100% owned by the Mazda Motor Corporation. Ford did purchase shares in Mazda in 1979, but subsequently sold those shares in 2015.


Despite being a motor company with humble beginnings in Japan, Mazda has evolved into a global force to be reckoned with. Their broad range of vehicles are sold in almost every territory across the world.

Even if your Mazda vehicle is produced in one country, it’s highly likely that parts (including the engine) were built elsewhere. This helps Mazda to save on cost and build an efficient supply chain.

Which Mazda vehicle do you own? Let us know below!

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