Where Are BRABUS Cars Built? (2022)

BRABUS – we’ve all heard the name, right? For those who haven’t, it’s a German-based car customization outfit that inspires awe and mystery with its powerful & unique vehicle builds.

Specializing mostly in Mercedes-Benz customizations, the Brabus brand has been riding strong for over four decades. From subtle design changes to all-out engine and performance overhauls, Brabus has a vehicle in its range to suit any driver.

You might be wondering where exactly these extraordinary vehicles are made. I was curious – and after doing some digging, I’ve got the answers for you. Let’s find out!

Where BRABUS cars are made

All Brabus vehicles are built exclusively in Bottrop, Germany, where the brand was founded over 40 years ago.

The Brabus business model involves building and customizing cars in its Bottrop factory. Once completed, they are shipped and sold across the world through the Brabus dealer network.

Vehicles built in the Bottrop factory get extra special attention and care. From hand-finished touches to strict quality control procedures, the Brabus formula is not one to be messed with!

Maintaining just one production factory allows the brand to maintain its exclusivity and super-high standards.

Is BRABUS owned by Mercedes?

No – Brabus is not owned by Mercedes-Benz. Brabus is an independent company focusing on the customization of Mercedes vehicles.

Alongside its popular customization of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, Brabus also tunes Smart and Maybach cars. They’re keen to work with more brands, too – you can even purchase a Brabus Rolls-Royce Ghost!

So what’s the difference between Brabus and brands like AMG and Maybach? AMG is the high-performance division of Mercedes-Benz. It used to be an independent engineering firm, much like Brabus, but is now wholly owned by Mercedes. Maybach is a luxury sub-brand also owned by Mercedes.

But Brabus remains an independent company with no official ties to the Mercedes brand. This leaves them free to explore unique customizations with other automotive brands.


Does Brabus make its own vehicles?

No – Brabus does not produce its own vehicles. Brabus purchases standard vehicles directly from the manufacturer (Mercedes, Smart etc.). Once they receive the vehicle, they begin an extensive customization process. This process involves engine tuning, design changes and much more.

Why is Brabus special?

Good question. The Brabus brand has been around for over 40 years now. The brand is well known for its ability to harness the true power of a stock vehicle and make it look exceedingly good on the road.

It’s also an independent, owner-led company. There are no external influences that limit creativity or output. This is quite rare in the automotive industry and shows that the brand has a real passion for what it does.

Which is better: AMG or Brabus?

Both brands are focused on maximizing the potential of Mercedes-Benz vehicles and giving drivers the ultimate choice in their configurations. The real difference is that AMG is owned by Mercedes-Benz, and Brabus is not. Both brands are fantastic at what they do, but AMG has the official Mercedes seal of approval.


BRABUS relies on a network of global dealers to satisfy the demand for its vehicles. These custom, one-of-a-kind vehicles are only going to keep getting more popular.

For now, though, there is only one Brabus factory. It seems fitting that this factory is located in Bottrop, Germany. It’s where the Brabus brand was born in 1977. They care about their heritage and reputation, and it shows.

Are you lucky enough to own a Brabus vehicle? Or are you in the market for one? Let us know below!

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