The Guide to Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car (2022)

Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car is a spin-off show created by Betty and Discovery.

The show follows Mike Brewer and Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley as they help down on their luck petrolheads own the car they have always wanted.

In this article, we’ll fill you in on everything you need to know about Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car in 2022. Let’s get stuck in.

Who presents Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car?

Mike Brewer and Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley are the presenters of Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car. The duo also work together on the main Wheeler Dealers series, which is set to return to screens in August of 2022.

Mike and Elvis are good friends and share fantastic on-screen chemistry. Mike has been involved in wheeling and dealing for over well over 20 years, while Elvis has a distinguished career as a Formula 1 mechanic.

Is Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car finished?

Unfortunately, yes. Mike Brewer confirmed on Twitter in a recent video that Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car has finished after two seasons. It is unclear whether the spin-off show will be renewed by Discovery Channel in the future.

In a catch-up video uploaded by Mike to Twitter on the 8th of June, 2022, he confirmed that Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car was ending:

Mike confessed that Discovery Channel ‘aren’t planning on making any more’.

According to Mike, ending the well-received spin-off show will allow both him and Elvis to focus on filming the main Wheeler Dealers series. Series 18 of Wheeler Dealers is set to hit our screens in August of 2022.

What was the most expensive car in Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car?

The most expensive car to be featured on Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car was the DMC DeLorean in Season One, Episode Six. Mike purchased the car for £32,000 (approx. $40,176).

In the episode, petrolhead farmer Tom was desperate to own his own DMC DeLorean. For many of us, especially Back to the Future fans, the car is a nostalgic icon of the 80s.

Mike and Elvis traded their way up to Tom’s dream DeLorean from a Jaguar XJ Sport, a Ferguson Continental tractor and £20,000 in cash. Fair play, boys – what an achievement!

How can I apply to Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car?

You can apply to feature on Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car by filling in an online application form on the official website. However, applications are currently closed – so you won’t be able to apply just yet.

If the show is renewed for a third season in 2023, you will be able to submit your application form for Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car by visiting the official application website.

The form will ask you what your dream car is, what car you currently own and how much money you will be prepared to pay for Mike and Elvis to work their magic. You will also be able to describe your current life situation, and why you believe owning your dream car will make a difference.

Producers of the show take each application into careful consideration, and you’re likely to be selected based on the feasibility of your dream car and what you are prepared to offer for it. It can’t be a boring car, either!

Each series receives thousands of applications from hopeful petrolheads across the UK, so be prepared to make yours stand out.

Which cars have been featured on Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car?

Here is a complete list of all of the vehicles featured on Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car:

Season/EpisodeDream Car
S1/E1Land Rover 2A
S1/E2Ford Escort Mk2
S1/E3Nissan Skyline
S1/E4TVR Cerbera
S1/E5VW Golf GTi
S1/E6DMC DeLorean
S1/E7Porsche Cayenne
S2/E1Audi Q7
S2/E2Caterham 7
S2/E3VW Campervan
S2/E5Mini Countryman
S2/E6Subaru Impreza
S2/E7Fiesta RS Turbo
S2/E8Nissan Patrol
S2/E9VW Golf GTi Mk1
S2/E10Porsche Cayman

Why is Ant Anstead not on Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car?

Ant Anstead decided to settle down in the US, while Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car was filmed in the UK. Ant also left the main Wheeler Dealers show in 2020 due to this reason. Elvis is UK-based, so it was a no-brainer for Mike and Discovery to bring him on.

For now, Ant’s life is firmly rooted in the US. In November of 2020, Ant, Mike and Elvis got together to discuss the situation with Wheeler Dealers:

By that time, Elvis and Mike had already finished filming the first series of Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car. When Mike announced that the main Wheeler Dealers show was to return to the UK in 2021, Ant decided to pursue other opportunities.

For more information on Ant’s departure from Wheeler Dealers, check out our article on why Ant Anstead left Wheeler Dealers.

Where is Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car filmed?

Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car is filmed at a workshop in Westcott, Buckinghamshire (UK).

The village of Westcott in England is ideally placed for Mike and Elvis. It’s close to Bicester, a town dripping in motoring heritage. 

Bicester also houses a number of specialist vehicle workshops, which will come in handy when Mike is dealing with unique vehicles.

Wheeler Dealers has been filmed in a series of workshops throughout the years. For a definitive guide on every workshop location, check out our article on every Wheeler Dealers workshop location.

Oh, and please don’t try to visit the current Wheeler Dealers workshop. That would be trespassing!


Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car was a highly successful venture for Betty and Discovery to embark on.

It attracted fans that were not so enthusiastic about the main Wheeler Dealers series. They enjoyed watching the progression from tired daily driver to stunning dream car.

Most importantly, fans loved the stories behind the applicants. It was great to see Mike and Elvis delivering dream cars to those who really deserved it.

Have you watched every episode of Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car? Let us know below!

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  1. Love the show Watch them all .But me dream car is not a car but a classic lambretta Mod Style .Hope I can get an application form for the next show

  2. I watch wheeler dealers all the time,and I’ve wondered if I could ever get my dream car again,I’ve had a few cortina’s when I was younger but nothing compared to a mark 2. 1600 e I once had it was fab great runner,but developed electrical problem that garages couldn’t seem to solve so had to sell it on, so it’s a cortina mark2 1600E I would love to own again, but can’t afford on todays market prices,


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