Has Wheeler Dealers Finished? (2023)

Wheeler Dealers is a car restoration show that first aired in 2003. Ever since the show hit our screens, there have been plenty of rumours about its future.

Wheeler Dealers has had some close calls before. In 2017, Edd China announced that he was to leave the show. In 2020, replacement mechanic Ant Anstead split from the Wheeler Dealers family to remain in the US.

Both Edd and Ant’s departures left the show on shaky foundations with an unclear future.

So what’s the deal with Wheeler Dealers in 2022? Has the show been cancelled? Read on to find out.

Has Wheeler Dealers been cancelled?

Wheeler Dealers has not been cancelled. The show is currently airing its 18th series in a brand-new workshop in the UK. Mike Brewer and Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley have returned to restore and sell a new batch of cars.

The 18th season is currently airing on the Discovery Channel in the UK, and on Discovery+. It is expected to air in the United States and elsewhere across the world later this year.

After the show returned to the UK in 2020, Mike and Elvis worked really hard to impress Wheeler Dealers fans.

And it worked! Audiences have responded well to the latest series. The average IMDb user score for series 17 of Wheeler Dealers was a respectable 7.7 out of 10.

With any luck, the show will continue to air for many years to come. 

The format is timeless and effortlessly entertaining. Mike and Elvis have great chemistry, and the two presenters bounce off of each other well. 

So as long as the audience is enjoying it, the show will remain on our screens. With new episodes of series 18 airing in April of 2023, don’t panic: Wheeler Dealers isn’t going anywhere any time soon!

When will series 18 of Wheeler Dealers air?

Series 18 of Wheeler Dealers is airing right now in the UK, and is expected to debut in the United States and elsewhere across the globe later in 2023. You can catch season 18 on the Discovery Channel in the UK, or on Discovery+.

You will be able to catch Series 18 of Wheeler Dealers on Discovery Channel and Discovery+. Keep an eye on Mike Brewer’s official social channels to get updates as soon as new episodes arrive.

For viewing options based on your region, check out our guide on where to watch Wheeler Dealers.

Is Wheeler Dealers still being made?

Yes – Wheeler Dealers is still being made in 2023. The show is produced by Discovery Studios for Discovery Channel and Motor Trend. Filming takes place at a dedicated workshop in the village of Westcott in Buckinghamshire, UK.

Despite a change of production company and the departure of the UK’s most beloved mechanic (Edd China), Wheeler Dealers continues to bring in record ratings for Discovery Channel.

Unless Mike gets bored or viewership numbers fall dramatically, the show will continue to grace our screens for years to come.

Thankfully, it doesn’t look like either of those things will happen any time soon. Long live Wheeler Dealers!

Will Wheeler Dealers ever end?

You know what they say – all good things must come to an end. There will be a time when Wheeler Dealers will have to come to an end. Or, it could carry on with different presenters. We don’t yet know when this will happen.

In a rather cryptic message posted by Mike on Twitter in November of 2022, he claims that there is at least one more season of Wheeler Dealers to come before he retires.

This could change. It’s safe to say that Mike Brewer is not yet done with the Wheeler Dealers format.

Mike continues to lead the series to new heights. There are also two spin-off series – Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car and Wheeler Dealers Trading Up.

Older episodes have also been edited and re-broadcast as Wheeler Dealers: Stripped Down.

If Mike were to ever leave the show, could it continue? It’s a question that audiences have asked throughout the show’s 20-year run.

The answer remains to be seen. Sure, the show continued without Edd. But Mike is the self-proclaimed Wheeler Dealer. It’s a real tough act to follow.

Final thoughts

Wheeler Dealers is perhaps the world’s most beloved motoring television show.

The show has proven itself over almost two decades of being on our screens. 

There have been ups and downs, but it continues to deliver automotive entertainment to car enthusiasts across the globe.

The truth is that we don’t know for sure what the future holds for Wheeler Dealers. All we can do is cross our fingers and hope that the show has many more seasons to come.

Are you enjoying Series 18 of Wheeler Dealers? Let us know below!

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