Every Wheeler Dealers Workshop Location (2023)

Wheeler Dealers is a British television show that premiered in 2003. It was an instant hit with car enthusiasts across the globe.

The show continues to air in over 120 countries worldwide and has been going strong for 18 seasons so far.

The current lineup features the ‘king of the car deal’ Mike Brewer and Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley as they purchase cars and fix them up for profit.

All of the repair and restoration work on the show takes place in the infamous Wheeler Dealers workshop. Over the years the exact location of this workshop has changed for a number of reasons.

If you’re wondering where those workshops have been located, you’re in luck.

Read on to find out where every Wheeler Dealers garage has been located, and why they chose these locations.

Where have the Wheeler Dealers workshops been located?

The show has had its fair share of workshops over the years. Here is the definitive list of every workshop location that Wheeler Dealers has operated out of since 2003.

  1. Odiham, Hampshire, UK
  2. Cockpole Green, Henley, UK
  3. Marlow, Buckinghamshire, UK
  4. Bracknell, Berkshire, UK
  5. High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK
  6. Huntington Beach, California, USA
  7. Westcott, Buckinghamshire, UK (Current)

Source: Edd China’s Workshop Diaries, Episode 29

Where is the Wheeler Dealers workshop currently located?

Since returning to the UK in 2020, Wheeler Dealers has based its workshop in Westcott Venture Park, close to the Bicester Heritage site. The Bicester Heritage site is rich in automotive history and is home to a number of specialist vehicle workshops and internationally-renowned car events.

Wheeler Dealers returned to the UK after finishing season 16 in the US. Mike, Elvis and the production team chose to move their workshop to Westcott Venture Park for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it’s in a great location. Westcott is a small village in Buckinghamshire, close to the bustling town of Bicester.

Bicester is home to Bicester Heritage – where the famous ‘Scramble’ event is held, as well as RollHard and Build It Live.

The location in Westcott is also close to a number of specialist vehicle workshops and expert technicians. There are also plenty of race tracks and open roads to test out the cars.

As the show moves on to more rare and unique vehicles, it’s important that they can get access to specialist parts when they need them.

Westcott and Bicester are also very well connected to the rest of the UK. There are regular train services as well as the M40 motorway and the A41. 

For Mike, this is a huge bonus: he can travel far and wide to purchase cars and parts for the show.

Where was the first Wheeler Dealers workshop?

As confirmed by Edd China and technical advisor Paul Brackley, the first Wheeler Dealers workshop was based in Odiham in Hampshire.

If you go back and watch series one of Wheeler Dealers, you can see that the first workshop is much smaller than the show’s current home.

It’s tight, dark and dingy: a stark contrast to the bright and spacious environment we see in series 18.

This is because the show first had to prove itself to Discovery and the global car community.

Thankfully, the show was a massive hit and the team were able to upgrade the workshop to include even more tools and space for new car purchases.

Why did Wheeler Dealers move workshops?

As the show increased in popularity and international scope, Wheeler Dealers had to relocate to bigger and better workshops. Having more space in the workshop means that more cars can be stored and worked on.

Up until series 12, the Wheeler Dealers workshops had always been based in the south of England.

The workshops in Buckinghamshire and the surrounding areas were easily reachable via road and train: meaning that Mike, Edd and the crew wouldn’t have had to travel too far to film episodes.

After series 12, the Wheeler Dealers team moved to the US on a semi-permanent basis. This made it easier to shoot more episodes (longer daylight, better weather) and purchase more interesting cars to please audiences.

Due to a mixture of both personal and professional reasons, Wheeler Dealers then moved back to the UK in 2020.

Once again, Mike opted for a workshop based in the south of England, in the village of Westcott.

Mike and Elvis seem to have settled in well to their new home, and it doesn’t look like they will be leaving anytime soon.

Can I go to the Wheeler Dealers workshop?

We would not recommend that you visit the Wheeler Dealers workshop. It is not open to the public and you would be trespassing on private property. The Wheeler Dealers workshop is also protected by security patrols and CCTV cameras.

Back in the early days, Mike Brewer spoke of people coming to visit the workshop during filming.

In a Car Throttle podcast episode, Mike spoke of his days being ‘inundated’ with people coming to the workshop.

But they weren’t there to purchase the Wheeler Dealers cars. Most of them were there to simply have a chat with Mike and Edd.

So steer clear, folks. You can watch it all on TV anyway!

Final thoughts

Loyal Wheeler Dealers fans have enjoyed seeing the show grow and expand into new workshops and locations.

A new location can open up a world of possibilities for the show. It’s also great to get an insight into the local car culture.

It remains to be seen if Wheeler Dealers will move workshops again. But in the meantime, it seems like the guys are more than happy in their new Westcott home.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Which workshop was your favourite? Let us know below!

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  1. I don’t want to go there to bother anyone that’s a part of the show, but it’s a dream of mine that will never come to fruition, but if I ever hit the lottery here in the states, you can bet I will go and see the UK, love show, would love to see the country.


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